About us


Emerald Real Group Ltd. is a head company of an alliance that are leaders in the field of real estate development and investment in the Czech Republic since 2002. The Alliance was established by a team of professionals engaged in investments and construction and has been operating under the brand name “EMERALD REAL GROUP” over the past four years.

Starting from little, we have been consistently growing and improving, gaining experience from projects such as repair and refurbishment of family houses and administrative buildings, we then proceeded with construction of homes on a turnkey basis, and after began to undertake broader-scale projects.

Under our belt are projects such as refurbishment, repair and construction of hotels, apartment houses and administrative centers.

This way, in fourteen years we have worked our way up from repair and rebuilding of common apartments to construction of high-tech low-energy villa communities.

Currently, the main venture of Emerald Real Group is in the field of development, as well as investment in residential and commercial real estate located in new and rapidly developing areas. All of our projects are created by leading designers and architects, and due to direct cooperation with the largest developers of the Czech Republic, Emerald Real Group enjoys exclusive opportunities for selecting exceptional properties for investment.


  • Mobility and exclusive investment conditions
  • Guarantee of reliability and maximum transparency of transactions
  • Exclusive project designs of high-tech houses
  • Use of high-quality materials and latest technologies in construction
  • Possibility to make changes and additions to the project at any stage of the construction
  • Projects are implemented on time and in full accordance with the customer’s preferences
  • Guarantee of service up to 25 years
  • Rich experience of working with clients and partners from CIS countries
  • Guarantee of confidentiality