Investment programs

Project Concepts

Emerald Real Group offers exceptional projects for profitable investments in the real estate, as it is one of the highest liquidity assets in the Czech Republic. Profitability of these investments is guaranteed by several reasons, some of which are the excellent socio-urban infrastructure, stable economic growth in the state and of course the attractiveness of the region.

Emerald Real Group offers several investment packages designed for various types of investments and are conditioned upon the objective of the investor as well as the intended investment capital. Minimal entry level investment to join the project is valued at 1 million CZK from which a minimum of 6% annual income is guaranteed.

Cooperation with Emerald Real Group will provide investors with the most cost-effective investment conditions, plus the opportunity to enter the project with the full range of services at any stage of its implementation.

First Choise

‘First choise’ – is an investment program, which allows you to get involved in the project during the pre-sale stage of the planned facility. The investment takes place at the stage of the so-called ‘pit’, when the official start of the construction and the release of the facility onto the open market are from 3 to 6 months away.

‘First Choise’ offers investors the following advantages:

  • guaranteed the selection of the best possible property option at the most affordable rate
  • priority choice of any residential or commercial object in the project
  • individual discount on the selected investment object is guaranteed
  • insuring clear and coherent partnership conditions
  • no need to deal with the regulatory affairs, acquisition of all necessary state permissions and documentation
  • low deposits on investment from 10-20%
  • possibility of transferring the rights of the agreement onto a third party for future acquisition of the real estate
  • duration for the project completion is estimated at 14 to 18 months from the moment of signing the property rights agreement on the future acquisition of real estate as stipulated by the contract
  • minimum unit cost starts from 1.2 million CZK the return on investment will gradually be determined by the location and the prominence of the project
  • mortgage interest rate for foreign citizens are set at 2.69% per annum.

Emerald Real Group cooperates directly with developers, which allows for a greater understanding of the consumer needs, imminently allowing for a more efficient and sophisticated execution of the project even prior to the transformation of this project into the format of the ‘First Choise’ program. Furthermore, realization and retail of the properties are carried out mutually with the developer, where a step-by-step implementation strategy is developed in order to facilitate the subsequent sale of the properties.

‘First Choise’ is an exclusive investment opportunities that deservingly attracts close attention of various international investors. Hence, do not miss out on your opportunity to become a part of this lucrative investment and contact us at Emerald Real Group for more information about the ‘First Choise’ program. Our specialists will be delighted to answer any of your question and queries.


‘Invest’ – is an investment program that offers an opportunity to engage into the general infrastructure of the developer ventures in the Czech Republic. In fact, these are loans with written guarantees on investments and returns for each individual project. Thus, ‘Invest’ is an excellent solution for target investment.

In accordance with the agreement, investor capital is allocated to a certain cell of the developer’s structure and can only be utilized in the following cases:

  • in order to increase the developer’s own mobility for the acquisition of new projects
  • for refinancing or mezzanine financing of projects under implementation
  • to purchase a specific project as a form of targeted financing.

It is common knowledge that real estate market is susceptible to certain trends and patterns, one of which is the determination of the property owner to attain the most profitable outcome from the venture. Hence, more than often they come with their proposals directly to a developer with sufficient strength and financial efficiency.

Thus, Emerald Real Group’s portfolio is recurrently supplemented with brand new and exciting cutting-edge projects, as we closely cooperate with leading development corporations and real estate enterprises on the Czech market.

Emerald Real Group team quickly and effectively evaluates incoming offers, selecting only the most profitable ventures, which ensure a stable interest of investors and allowing you to quickly acquire the most profitable project.

‘Invest’ offers investors the following advantages:

  • invested capital is insured by the developer’s own assets
  • notarization of the investment contract
  • ensuring the strictest client/business confidentiality
  • non-disclosure agreement is introduced prior to the signing of the investment agreement and obtaining detailed information on the structure of the developers company
  • minimum entry capital for investment in the project is valuated at 5 million CZK
  • guaranteed profits of 5-7% per year
  • quarterly dividend payments are introduced for individual projects
  • transparent and coherent structure of cooperation
  • options for shared entry into various projects
  • minimum investment period of 12 months, with the possibility of extension of up to 4 years.

In order to implement the ‘Invest’ program, an accurate knowledge of the market and thorough analysis of current projects is essential. Emerald Real Group thrives in these conditions as it works directly with developers, which not only accurately navigate you in the direction of a financially viable investment, but also allows for a full management control of the investment package.

For any further information about the ‘Invest’ program, please do not hesitate and contact our Emerald Real Group specialists, whom will be delighted to answer any of your question and queries.


‘Develop’ – is designed specifically for investors who specialize in contributions to real estate development. Within the framework of this investment program, the ideal project is selected according to individual preferences of a client. After which Emerald Real Group implements the project in cooperation with developers partner companies.

‘Develop’ has the following advantages:

  • direct investments in Emerald Real Groups individual projects
  • access to exclusive development areas, including their detailed analysis
  • guarantee of support from the leading development companies in the Czech Republic
  • regular detailed financial reports
  • mobility of decision making at the project implementation stage
  • confidentiality guarantee
  • possibility of early repayment of the deposit after delivery of the facility, through refinancing
  • minimal entry capital for investment in the program is valued at 15 million CZK
  • guaranteed profits of 12-16% per year
  • duration of the project is estimated at 15 to 36 months.

Unlike some countries, development projects in the Czech Republic do not posses a high margin

this however is usually compensated through bank financing. Additionally due to operational implementation of projects, profit significantly increases as the sale of the properties occurs in significantly shorter time frames, thereby considerably increasing the return on the investment.

Of course in order to achieve the above results, you need to know where and how best to invest your money, while bypassing any related complications. Profitability of the project is affected by many factors, often imperceptible from the outside, from the buyers’ demand for specific property and ending with quality of the location of the project. It is this information that Emerald Real Group possesses, as it cooperates directly with Czech Republics leading developers. Thus, our specialists, based on a thorough analysis of incoming information, will accordingly, recommend the most profitable property for investment, essentially satisfying all of the investors’ objectives.

Joining the Emerald Real Group investment programs means:

  • owning a part of the project company
  • detailed financial reports
  • mobility of decision making at the project implementation stage
  • confidentiality guarantee
  • possibility of early repayment of the deposit on the investment after commissioning of the facility, through refinancing
  • minimal entry capital is valued at 15 million CZK
  • profit margin of 15-25% per year
  • implementation period from 15 to 24 months.

Emerald Real Group is a sophisticated professional in the field of investment, from placement to control and co-ordination of capital. We guarantee only the highest-quality service, transparent detailed reporting and optimal results.

Our mission is to find and implement not only the most profitable projects, but also those with a unique and exceptional aesthetic. Together with our investors, we strive to create a better more sustainable urban environment where one would always feel welcome whether they are home or at work.

For any further information about the ‘Develop’ program, please do not hesitate and contact our Emerald Real Group specialists, whom will be delighted to answer any of your question and queries.

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