Urban villa

Urban villa

Urban villa is a realization of a project of an ultra-modern house situated in a prestigious neighborhood in an easy reach from the Prague airport.

Purchasing this property you become an owner of a house of an elite class that combines simplicity and harmony of modern style, including latest achievements of a high¬ technology industry, allowing your life to be comfortable at the maximum level.

Additionally, there is a possibility to add or change some details of a project at any stage of construction.




The villa is situated on an area of 1036 square meters with a refined territory. Outdoor decoration is executed in black and white colors, which in combination with French windows, creates an ultra-modern look, pleasing to the eye with its exactness and simplicity of forms. As for rear side of the building, it is decorated with a unique 3-D wood visualization, which gives the house that extra touch of homeliness.

From the front side, there is a driveway that leads directly to the main entrance and a garage that can comfortably park up to two vehicles.

Wooden pergola with a homely fireplace at the center of the backyard combined with an artificial pond, brings pleasant variability to the exact lines of the design. Furthermore, a swimming pool or a playground could be installed upon your demand. There are also two relaxation areas, one of them being an extended terrace furnished with comfortable sofas.


Indoor design of a house is aimed at creating a space full of light. However, every panoramic window is equipped with close sun-blinds that allow to create the desired degree of darkness at any time of the day.

The central element of the house is a unique winter garden with a tall roof-reaching living tree.

First floor is presented by a unified space that is designed so that it is possible to use comfortably any of its functional areas. They include a kitchen, a dining room, a guest bathroom, and a spacious living room, part of which is made as an extended relaxation area furnished with luxurious sofas and a designer fireplace. Due to the presence of two unique movable glass doors in the kitchen that can be fully hidden, it is possible to separate the dining room from the living room at any given time.

On the second floor of the villa there are four rooms and a balcony. According to the project, there is a main bedroom with a spacious bathroom, two other bedrooms with a joined bathroom, and a guest bedroom with a separate shower and a lavatory. All rooms are fitted with separate dressing rooms and the master bedroom is standing out from the rest due to the originality of its’ design – the bathroom area is separated by a moving glass that can be fully hidden, connecting thus the areas of the bedroom and the bathroom. This way, the indoor construction of the house not only creates an interesting design combination, but also remains a fully functional lodging.



Systém “Smart house”

The villa is furnished with a Smart House System. This system is presented with a set of equipment and software aimed at the comfort and safety of the owner, also allowing remote control of the territory and the household processes.

The house has a system of video monitoring, air-conditioning and ventilation, an “Intelligent Kitchen” system and a function of control over the access to the territory and the house. Each room includes a system of sound transmission allowing to communicate with individual rooms as well as broadcast the sound across the whole building.

A user-friendly local server allows to control all processes starting from switching off the light, using the multimedia library and adjusting temperature level, to delivering the post and managing garbage disposal from the territory. It is possible to control all the processes from the house as well as from any part of the world remotely using applications on your devices.

Technical parameters and materials

  • overall house size – 284,4 m2
  • a monolithic construction
  • natural building and decoration material (marble, wood, glass)
  • designer staircase from solid wood
  • LED lighting in the entire house and on the territory
  • windows – aluminium frame, triple-glass units with collision protection, insect screens, outdoor aluminium electric sun-blinds matching the color of windows
  • noise protection
  • bathroom and lavatory equipment from famous brands Porcelanosa and Villeroy&Boch
  • water borehole
  • solar panels – an alternative environment-friendly energy source
  • city water supply, sewage, electricity, gas pipeline
  • private internet line server
  • central (integral) vacuum cleaner, a modern and hygienically sound dust cleaning system
  • centralized programmed air-conditioning and ventilation
  • system “Smart house”
  • system “Intelligent kitchen”
  • personal meteorological station

Floor’s plan