The 4BLOK project is a heaven-sent for people who consider their home to be a place where they can draw inspiration, confidence and tranquility while staying just a stone’s throw away from the center of the city that is boiling with energy.

This complex offers a wide range of apartments from one-room studios to five-room apartments, totaling 210 apartments for each and every taste.

Project Developer: CRESTYL
Investment Option: First Choise
Status: For sale
Location: Prague 10 – Vršovice



Project Description

The 4BLOK complex was originally created as an environmentally oriented structure aimed at healthy interaction with the surrounding ecosystem. Below are just a few examples illustrating the infrastructure of the complex, which is designed to significantly enhance the functionality and profitability of the project:

• special reservoirs for collection of rainfall are installed on the surface of the buildings, thus allowing the rainwater to irrigate system of the green zone of the complex

• heat pumps are built in the central ventilation system, which ensures a healthy microclimate in the premises with simultaneous recuperation

• inside the garages of the complex chargers for an electric vehicle are installed for the residential use

Among other things, the real birch grove inside the 4BLOK courtyard is what gives it that special zestiness.

About the Region

The complex is located in the Vršovice district of Prague 10. Recently the active reconstruction and innovation has been carried out in the area. Extensive landscaping, redevelopment and creation of new residential areas and parks along with creation of bicycle lanes, reconstruction of boulevards and sidewalks, gives the area a unique French romantic atmosphere.

The area quickly and confidently acquires a harmonious appearance, absolutely corresponding to the current standards of quality.

Start of Construction: 15.4.2015
Commission Date: 30.8.2017